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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 1, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening, it's today, november 1st. this is bay area news at 7:00. so far, so good. tonight, initial signs are pointing to successful surgery to separate twin sisters joined at the mid-section. late today, doctors at stanford briefed reporters on the lengthy procedure want it's our top story at 7:00. reena williams has a doctora assess. , and emotional reaction from the girls' mother. >> reporter: for more than nine hours today, the precious lives of these two little girls were
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in the hands of a medical team of more than three-dozen people here at packard surgeon's hospital. >> both twins are doing great, and so far no issues. >> words cannot express how the family -- [ crying ] >> feels for the successful operation of our twins. average caand angelina. [ crying ] >> reporter: when they were wheeled into the operation room, angelina, and angelica weren't sick, just different. they were born in the philippines two years ago, joined at the chest and belly. >> my family will be grateful eternally >> reporter: it's been more than a year since the family now living in san jose first asked lead surgeon, gary hartman for help. they were color coated in the operation room. doctors had scans to guide them as they started to cut the twins apart, separating their shared liver was the most dangerous. >> they have a long scar from
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the middle of their chest down to their belly button the girls will wake up tomorrow in separate beds for the first time in their short lives. and specialists will be there to help them with separation anxiety, a view of the world without her sister in her face. >> our long-term prognosis, we would expect a happy, healthy set of girls. we don't see any barriers to complete recovery >> reporter: two little girls who now have an opportunity they were not born -- not born with, to go in different directions. rita williams. there's been a shark scare in the warses off san francisco during a surfing comp igz it. the #ri7 curl pro contest started this -- rip curl pro contest started this morning in on on. he said it was the biggest fin he'd ever seen, and it was coming straight at him. the national park service
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dispatched a jet ski, and a boat, but couldn't confirm the sighting >> sharks are definitely in the area, however we've never had a shark attack out here at obob. and rarely, if ever -- at ocean beach, and rarely, if ever, we'll have a sighting of a shark >> this just a few days after a shark attacked a surfer in monterey county. europe financial markets in turmoil again after the greek prime minister's decision to hold a national referendum on the euro bailout plan. they have called for a no confidence vote in the administration. the euro zone agreed on a 100 bed bailout for greece. now the deal is in question because greek voters will almost certainly reject the plan as euro leaders have called for a meeting with the prime minister tomorrow ahead of an economic summit on thursday wall street into a big tailspin. the dow industrial dropped 200 -- 97 points.
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the dow has lost almost 600 points now in just two days this week. bank of america scrapped plans for its debit card fee after consumer backlash. they planned to charge a $5 monthly fee. b of a said it's listening to its customers and dropping the fee. wells fargo and other bafrmgs have also tested trial -- banks have also tested trial fees. private investors who put $70 million into the bankrupt solar company will be the first to be paid. taxpayers are owed $500 million from a federal loan. and real estate is scheduled to be sold in a separate proceeding. forz >> continuing coverage of the occupy oakland protest. demonstrates are getting ready for a general strike called for tomorrow. they're hoping workers city-wide will stay away from their jobs. one of the occupiers told us he understands
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some people are sympathetic, but that's not what he feels is needed. >> there's no need for sympathy. we're not persecuted. we're actually doing this for everyone. i want like solidarity. that's a better word. >> occupiers plan to march into port of oakland at five clk wednesday afternoon ending with the blockade -- 5:00 wednesday afternoon end. officials say they're working with local and federal law enforcement agents to keep the port secure. oakland police are going to unusual lengths to explain their own confusion and frustration about how the city is dealing with the occupy movement. that story coming up in seven minutes. ? san francisco, occupy representatives met with the mayor and other officials today at stau hall. both sides tell us progress is being made. live at justin her man plaza with a what i -- her athlete man plaza >> reporter: the city is trying to walk a fine line here between allowing free speech, and also monitoring the situation with this. you can see here, and really trying to look out for
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code violations such as open flames in the kitchen area, and tents that they say are spaced too cloechl together. >> if you're going to use this area -- >> reporter: we followed the director of public works at the occupy camp today. the fire chief says inspectors have been going in three times a day to monitor. at city hall, occupy representatives met with the mayor, fire chief department representatives. both sides agreed they made progress. >> and i think there's verbal agreement that as long as progress continues to be made that we'll -- that it'll be peaceful >> reporter: the occupy sf group agreed to form two committee, one for sanitation, the other for health and safety. >> it is a safety committee, we have a group of people who will basically patrol camp to make sure its safe >> reporter: just this week, occupy protest arors have
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complied with requests to move off a privately funded botchy ball court, and resolve problems with over-flowing portable toilets >> we haven't felt the need to issue citations at this point. and we'll work toward even a higher level of cooperation with them. >> reporter: the board of supervisors has a nonbinding symbolic residence lagz by john avals on supporting the occupy movement by a vote of 8-3 instroochlt this resolution is adopted [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the board also is reviewing whether to modify certain laws to accommodate the protest. >> we can change city laws if there is political will to do that. and that's what we're discussing right now. >> reporter: the mayor did tell me that he's instructed the police chief to really avoid overtime, and try and minimize the amount of police presence down here to the minimal amounts. and he says as long as the cooperation continue, it should stay that way, and certainly we've seen that tonight, a peaceful cooperation
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between protestors and police. live in san francisco, ktvu channel two news. >> you can stay current with all occupy protests by clicking the tab thea the top of our home page. and coming up, another vote today by san francisco supervisors regulating public nooudity. a san francisco police officer -- nudity. >> a san francisco police officer -- crashed into a utility pole. police say the officers were responding to a call of a man with a knife at 24th and yoshg street. one officer has been treated and and york street. the third officer is in critical condition. there's no word on what caused the officers' car to hit the pole. police tell us it's under investigation. >> to contracosta county where pittsburgh police say a patrolry on a high-speed chase died of his injuries. officers were chasing a pickup truck when it
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slammed into an suv. concord died -- johnson of concord died at uc davis last night. police say the chase started with an officer tried to pull johnson over for speeding. investigate arors say he was on patrol for robbery, and had a warrant out for his arrest instroochlt >> a state appeals court has ruled in favor of an oakland gang injunction, barring 15 people from associating with each other or known gang members except at church, working school accident or medical appointments. one of the men of the list challenged the order claiming it's unconstitutional, and saying he's not a gang member. the appeals court found otherwise. the injunction remains in place. supporters of high-speed rail in california argued today that the system is not a luxury but a necessity, as the state's population grows. the project is under new scrutiny since the rail authority released now figure, doubling the cost estimate to $98 billion. construction needs to get under
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way by next october to be eligible for a three and a half billion dollars in federal funds >> fortunately the president said it's a high priority for him. so i suspect we'll continue to see funding proposals coming out of the federal government but if we don't get the federal money, it's not going to happen. >> a 60-day comment period begins today for support or opposition to the project. and you can find out how to weigh in. california law makers want to know why state agencies are sitting on tens of millions of dollars on stimulus money. >> millions of californians who are eligible for a job, hungry for a job, to think those funds are just sitting in a state bank account is not acceptable to me. >> one audit found $90 million remains from a federal grant award indeed 2009 to weatherize homes of low income families. another found the energy commission has more than 80% of its federal funds in the bank,
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about $183 million , a rat problem at one of the bay iary's iconic spots. people's park in berkeley is a popular area for the homeless to gather, but they say they'ring outnumbered by rats. the rodents come out at night. uc berkeley opens the park and plans to increase its maintenance staff. tense moments for passengers on this plane. it took off today on the east coast. the problem that prompted pilots to perform a hair-raising belly landing. conrad murray's manslaughter trial wrapped up testimony. the one key voice missing when jurors weigh his responsibility for michael jackson's death. mostly clear, and mild and breezy. the latest on the red flag warning and what you can expect for tomorrow.
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investigators in the east bay looking into the cause of a devastating house explosion that happened about 2:20 this morning in richmond. richmond police say three people were inside at the time. two separate minor injuries. a third was released from the hospital this afternoon after being treated for burns and cuts the investigators have yet to establish why the house blew up. they said they found evidence of chemicals in the home on the even of a planned general strike by occupy oakland, jean quan is under fire from oakland police. they say they're getting messaged mix -- mixed messages on how she wants them to handle the situation >> reporter: occupy oakland is back and strong as ever. the police officers say they are confused >> we are getting mixed messages from our own city >> reporter: the oakland police officers association released this letter today criticizing a
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vacillation between removing the protest and allowing them to come back. >> i think we need some clear, decisive leadership, make some decisions and stick with them, whether they're right or wrong, no matter what decision you make, someone's going to be unhappy. instoot mayor really needs to represent everyone >> reporter: the open chamber of commerce is using a similar line of attack saying the mayor should not have allowed the occupiers to reestablish their camp >> she's indicated full support for the occupy oakland, but we haven't heard anything that focuses on her specifically saying we're going to do everything we can to protect the business community >> reporter: even other city leaders are expressing dissatisfaction. >> i think people have the right to feel confeudsed. and like the leadership in this city, is sending mixed ma'ams >> reporter: we tried to contact the mayor all day. and she was unavailable. we caught a glimpse of her ducking into a closed session meeting. she hopes tomorrow's general strike is peaceful but made no mention of the criticism she's taking >> the mayor issued the statement, and that's the
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statement that stands. i don't have anything more to add >> reporter: in response to the police union letter, howard jordan told us this afternoon, unlike his officers, he is not confused. a polish air liner flight from new jersey made a wely-landing in warsaw poland -- belly-landing in warsaw today. you see the boeing 767 there scraping along the runway. it had passengers on board. pilots discovered the problem before the landing and circled for about an hour dumping fuel before making the emergency landing. crews sprayed flame retardant foam on the runway and the plane. they called the pilot a hero. outrage calls for a further investigation, following a nightmare on a jet blue flight that left hundreds stranded on a tarmac for several hours. it says it highlights the need for
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prompt passage of the federal aviation administration reauthorization act. the legislation includes key provisions of the new passenger bill of rights, and would protect the new rules from being overturned by a future administration. tonight, the house voted to reaffirm the national motto "in god we trust". the bill passed with a 396 to 9 vote. some democrats called the -- resolution a waste of time. but the republican sponsor said it was needed to spot a disturbing trend of dismissing the motto. he pointed to a speech last year by president obama when he said the phrase e pluribus, nem, once the nation's motto. >> some committee members after not documenting how they decided to close 70 state parks. they didn't create a score sheet, revenue comparison or ranking of historical experience.
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they made their decisions based on existing data and reports. of the parks are being closed to cover a $30 million budget gap. the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved a new set of rules on public nudity. it would ban naked people from restaurants and require those who are naked in public to use towels to cover chairs and bench when is they sit down. violators would face a $100 fine for a first offense, and up to $1,000 for repeat offenders. a final vote is expected next week. testimony wrapped up today in the manslaughter trial for michael jackson's personal physician. the one notable absence among the list of those who took the witness stand >> reporter: michael jackson's doctor decided against testifying in his trial. the two prop fol experts wrapped up the final -- propofol experts wrapped up the final day of testimony, paul white, revisiting the standard of care issue
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>> is there a difference between standard of care and standard of actual practice? >> yes. standard of care is the ideal 67 that's what we would seek for every patient. but there are many circumstances, and i indicated a few where it's not necessarily possible. >> reporter: white believes jackson gave himself the fatal dose of propofol and testified previously he would never administer propofol as a sleep aid as murray did. prosecutor david walgren completed the state's case by recalling doctor steven shaffer, testifying that the standard of care should actually be higher in a home setting and restated his belief on the amount of propofol given to michael jackson. >> in your opinion, does this absolutely rule out the hypothesis put forward by doctor white? >> absolutely. >> and is it consistent with the hypothesis put forward by yourself? >> it actually suggests that michael jackson received more propofol than suggested by my
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simulations >> reporter: after 33 prosecution witnesses and 16 for the defense, both sides have rested. the jury is returning to the courtroom here towards morning. closing arguments are expected to begin soon thereafter. in los angeles, craig bozwell. google announced it's ready to roll out a new version of g-mail. the blog posting the interface has a simplified main screen, automatically resizes text and graphic, and has improved search and navigation. google says users will be able to search to the new look some time in the the next few days. a marine mammel is healthy enough to be released into the wild. dry, windy conditions prompt a reg flag alert tonight. meteorologist rosemary tells us the significant cool-down, maybe even rain, is just around the corner. we're streaming live at
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alaska air lines will start fry flying to honolulu. the air line is offering a promotional
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fair of $298 round trip with some restrictions. we're really feeling that wind we talked about yesterday at this time. >> it is breezy out for many of us. and the gusts picking up to nearly six miles per hour, if you can believe it. i'll show you where in just a moment. let's take a look at the temperatures. still mild out there. if it's breezy, it may feel cool in some spots. san jose, still in the 70s. near oakland. check out some of those winds. generally light, not too bad. 10 to 15 miles per hour. 23 napa, 18 in santa rosa. so the north bay is definitely breezy. but we continue with the winds blowing throughout the evening hours. they will eventually die down. this is where we have seen them at their strongest. mount diab low, 58 miles per hour on a number of -- diabl o. the red flag warning continues for very dry conditions. the gufrts will continue into the over-night
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hours. gusts will continue into the over-night hours. humidity levels from 12 to 25%. with the dry winds continuing. we're not going to see the marine lair back, and we're not going to recover in the over-night hours tomorrow, nice day, slightly cooler in some areas by thursday, though. the big change is coming. very cool area. from a tep to a 20-degree drop from what we felt today. and scattered showers for your thursday. and for the arch, it will be sliding its way south. tomorrow, we'll start out to mostly clear and cool. if it's still breezy outside, it's going to be very brisk in the morning. 49 in oak land, 49, mountain view. afternoon highs for tomorrow, 72. going to cool us down, especially along the coast. the rest of us inland might not feel it so much. 75 in san jose tomorrow.
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and the extended forecast, again, the big, big change, notable change is coming on thursday. friday we're going to leave in the possibility of scattered showers. notice the temperatures. 50s along the coastline, upper 50s, low 60s inland. thursday, friday, and into the weekend. maybe make plans indoors if you can. we'll be cold on saturday. scattered showers approaching saturday night, and lingers showers for sunday morning. we're going to remain unsettled through the weekend. >> thank you. a rare hawaiian monk seal got a lift home today. it's been at uc santa cruz for two years now, treated for an eye disease. this morning it was loaded on a coast guard plane for a ride back to the island. experts say there are only about 1,100 hawaiian monk seals left in the wild. thank you for trusting
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